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tv   ABC 7 News at 1100  ABC  October 6, 2012 11:30pm-12:00am EDT

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it's only brewed in one place: golden, colorado. because that's where we find our rocky mountain water. and the best high country barley. now, maybe that's uncompromising. and maybe brewing up here means an extra trip or two. but as you know, originals follow their own road. coors. the banquet beer.
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>> brad: our aerial coverage provided by goodyear. everything goodyear has learned by making tires that go the distance inspires what they roll into yours. goodyear, more driven. looking in on the horseshoe, great shots in front of a record crowd. 106,121. glad we could be part of it. they're going to all go home happy for the majority of the folks wearing red or scarlet. the ones who made the trip to nebraska, we talked to those last night, about a 14-hour drive, they said, it's not going to be too happy. >> acc all-america player of the week nominee. connor shah. three touchdowns in south carolina's destruction of number five georgia, 35-7.
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james won ten in a row, their longest winning streak in school history. text goat. we'll have an update on what just happens to florida state in just a second, brad. >> brad: i think they almost scored a touchdown. about a three-yard run. he made the tackle. we're down to 5:20. buckeyes just want to take their time. >> todd: even if you don't huddle, you don't want to go hurry up now. you want to use as much of the play clock and game clock as you can. >> we can't play better than
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this. in back-to-back sweeks. they're real physical, low-scoring game tonight. more of a shootout game. >> brad: rod smith getting another carry. scored the last time he touched it. picked up five here. >> todd: they always ask the question when he went to florida, cowl that kind of offense work in the s.e.c.? ultimately he proved that it could. they wanted the same thing in the big ten. as long as you got braxton miller under center and healthy, you've got a shot. >> brad: career high rushing total for braxton miller, part of 339 yards on the ground for ohio state. carlos hyde, also career high, 111. third down and one. it's going to be under four minutes after this carry. miller, first down and gets
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down. a flag down. it may be a holding call. trying to string him to the outside. we've had some plays tonight, haven't we. >> referee: holding, offense, number 77. ten-yard penalty, repeat third down. >> brad: that negates the first down run. >> todd: i thought it was interesting. urban meyer when he was talking to us about braxton miller. he said the two guys that have been the most -- >> todd: he had big-time players. they were the two most dynamic
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differencemaker. >> he'll keep it here, too. dancing around for a three or four-yard gain. he'll be closing in on 200, isn't he? >> todd: pretty soon. so funny, too. when i talked to him at practice thursday, i said do you like running this much? he said, no, not really. that's why coach keeps leaving on you. he has 187 yards rushing tonight. started off slow. once you got on track, he got the wheels robbing. and again, getting to the outside, picking up big chunks of yardage. look at this move. that's the one i like. that's the one i want to be just once without pulling both hamstrings and breaking both ankles. the quarterback comparison tonight which is how we started
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at the top of the broadcast, there's not a lot of comparison. ased to sed, martinez made big plays tonight, too. he's already had three interceptions. that didn't help the cause tonight for nebraska. buchanan hasn't been too busy, especially in the second half. punched it away. abdullah with a fair catch. there's still 3:17 left. taylor martinez gets set to bring out the offense when we come back. this new phone is amazing.
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>> brad: i'd say the jets need a win. the texans have done nothing but win so far. monday night countdown served by appleby's gets things going at 6:30. at 8:30 eastern, the texans and the jets get together on "monday night football." nebraska needs three scores in a little over three minutes.
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martinez, pumps. now comes back. i think that's incomplete. it is. with 3:08 remaining. north carolina state we understand is upset that previously undefeated seminoles of florida state. so texas, florida state and georgia all top ten teams. and lsu. forgot that one. upset saturday so far. and simon. the ball is out. ohio state's got it. >> todd: the guy just doesn't slow down. i mean, he is relentless. i mean, he's going to play the last three minutes like he plays the first three minutes.
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he runs right around him. strips the ball. >> brad: you have about ten guys like that. >> todd: not only are they great players but they're great locker room guys, great moral guys, great leaders, because they do it by example. and they rub off on the rest of your team. >> brad: ohio state's defense, three takeaways and four sacks. made life miserable for taylor martinez. carlos hyde puts both hands around the ball, making sure they don't give it back to nebraska. >> todd: coming into the game, even though nebraska had a winning record and only the one lo, you don't turn the ball over as much as they have done -- >> brad: right. >> todd: if the first five, six games and not have it come back to bite you. good football teams usually win the turnover margin over the course of a season. this team was minus three coming
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in. they didn't help their cause in that department at all tonight either. >> brad: again, braxton miller waiting until the last moment to clap those hands. get the snap, give it off to carlos hyde again. let's get another update. here's robert. >> this is what i was referring to moments ago. nc state down 16-10 to number 3 florida state. the touchdown pass is good. that's it. the wolf pack upset the seminoles, 17-16. >> brad: seems like every year when florida state wonders if they're going to be the power of the acc, are they all the way back, they trip up. lsu lost, georgia lost, texas as well to west virginia.
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he's running hard. he had a big night. he's one of our impact players. he's definitely had an impact on what's beginning on tonight with three touchdowns. >> todd: victory formation for the ohio state buckeyes. no need to run another play. >> brad: the homecoming for bo pelini won't be a happy one. the former ohio state player knows this one is pretty much in the books. they had a lead but couldn't hold it. ohio state once they got offense and special teams in full force, that following the defensive touchdown, their first of the day on the interception. carlos hyde is going to add his fourth score of the night. 16 yards for carlos for the touchdown.
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>> todd: the whole defense got stuck inside. that's bad leverage by the nebraska defense. i don't think they gave up on the play, they just got sucked inside and hyde had an easy touchdown. >> brad: the extra point by basil is good. 63-38. remember last year, nebraska with their biggest comeback in school history to beat ohio state. some of these guys, i think all of these guys remember that. pay back is secure right now with 48 seconds to go. jimmy johnson and dale earnhardt, a star-studded field, chase for the spren cup championship. this has turned into a nascar race, too. for ohio state.
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when they start doing the push-ups and stuff with the mascots, somebody will have sore arms when this one is all over. it will be a great homecoming night, what little night there is left of it. but the revelers here, a record size crowd i'm sure will find some fun to be had in columbus 48 seconds from now. basil has been a busy kicker, just kicking off tonight. line drive. abdullah picked it up at the 5. maybe to the 21 yard line. that's about it. well, this kind of changes the whole big picture of college
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football with what happened with some of the teams that lost. >> todd: alabama is still the top team. they were idol this week. they didn't have to worry about anything. instead of looking at the teams that lost, you say, wait a minute, south carolina they're for real. i still have concerns about their ability or inability to stop people on defense. but they're for real, you know? i think that we learned a lot by the teams that won today in big fashion. >> brad: including the one we have right here. >> todd: that's right. this is the best team in the big ten. >> brad: and the only undefeated one. 2-0 in league play. 6-0 overall. and they will definitely be in the top ten, i'm pretty sure, tomorrow. don't forget ford wrapup show is
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coming up after our game which is now in the books. on the 90th homecoming here in columbus, the alums are happy, i'm sure. 101 total points in a big ten game. are you kidding me? 63-38 is the final. and that's going to wrap it up for us. ohio state pretty good-looking football team. thanks for watching, espn on abc. es espn. for todd and holly, brad nessler saying so long from columbus. the ford wrapup show with roberts is coming up next. thank. welcome inside our college football studios. i'm robert flores. by all accounts raleigh, north carolina is a pleasant place to visit though florida state cannot stand going there. they've now lost five times there, including tonight. check out what happens. fourth quarter, nc state down
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six. they complete a fourth down. third and goal. glennen under pressure. how is this pass not intercepted? instead, it's incomplete. another fourth down chance for the wolf pack. this time, glennen converts. the point after is good and number three, florida state falls in raleigh, 17-16. right now on espn, number two oregon handling number 23. oregon is pouring it on, 35-7 still in the first half. his team is up 14-0. uses the trick stick, all sorts of moves. 70-yard touchdown. south carolina has won a school record. they roll 35-7.
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florida beat lsu. those 146 yards, second most in his career. florida wins 14-6. west virginia state undefeated. they had to come from behind to do it. 40-yard touchdown, 14-7, mountaineers. stead man, bailey, then to smith. smith has four passing touchdowns tonight, giving him 24 for the season. still hasn't thrown an interception. 48-45. kansas state rolled on kansas. 245 yards, 4 total touchdowns. k. state rolls over kansas, 56-16. >> miami and notre dame from soldier field in chicago. goodness gracious, what's going on with the notre dame helmets.
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george atkinson iii. notre dame goes on to win big up in miami. the irish are undefeated, 31-3. oregon state still undefeated. some of you may see the beavers next week right here on abc. we'll see you next week. have a great weekend. fuel thinkit well, you're gonna want some torque to go with it... 'cuz unless you'r usin' your truck to deliver pizza's ... you ain't gettin' anything done without it. torque is power. it pulls trailers. hauls dirt. drags boulders. torque is what gets the cap off your beer. and only the ford f-150 with ecoboost has the best combination of torque and fuel economy. think about that. introducing the new 2013 f-150.
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7 news at 11, on your side. captioned by the national captioning institute >> the search is on for a missing since monday. held at the high school. she joins us from our newsroom. an emotional day today. emotional for the parents and
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classmates. been atugh he had only the high school for a month, the community are .earching for him at the local pizza shop. ,ight after the homecoming game together tocame of oner the safe return of its own. bryan glenn is missing. >> i am most broke down. it was tough. >> he finished -- vanished monday morning. was spotted about 8:00 that moment at the dunkin donuts. his car was found in a nearby park. says there has been oractivity on his cell phone bank accounts.
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they need the public's help. >> there are a number of people that are likely to have seen something. >> police have called his disappearance unusual but family he isiends do not believe a runaway. he was planning for college. >> we're going on an airplane. he would not have headed there from all of us. was too close. >> his father made an emotional plea for help. >> if there is something out e, no harm will come upon you if you help us. >> his friends are getting the word out around the country and europe. all hoping for one clue might get him home safely.
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>> special tribute to the the victims of the shootings, 10 years after that tragedy. held today at the inenth-day adventist church northwest d.c.. the delaware state university choir perform. a trooper has died after being an suv./ andrew fox was directing traffic when he was hit by a woman. bystanders rushed to help him taken to a hospital he died. the driver was not hurt. no word on any charges. the state police superintendent trooperim a superior and officer. four people ended up in the shottal after they were last night. men and women were shot around 10:00. one of the victims was a juvenile. be of them are expected to ok.
11:59 pm
the shooter has not been caught. when it comes to those infected who have died from all of them are injection for back pain. us from thee joins satellite center. maryland is taking action tonight. >> just how those injections got tainted is not clear. hospitals and health officials to informling patients of the danger and to track thousands of vials. a maryland man is concerned he have been infected. health officials are not saying about the case. only that the patient is alive. he developed meningitis after injection. steroid >> strayed into your spine. it is scary. >> he received a call from his could beat he infected. told to be checked out by a doctor. >> anything can happen.


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